Friday, 11 May 2018

As you may remember we held a writing competition last month. We had a huge number of entries (well over 1,000) so it took us a bit longer than we had planned to go through them all.

The vast majority of the entries were really good and it was incredibly tough deciding on the winners.  However Ian (Xaelath) and I have finally managed to decide on the winning submissions.

The winners and their entries are:

  • Armand H,  Police Transcript & DOD Letter
  • Tsvetoslav S, Horologist
  • Oliver C, Diary of Tim Newman 1-3
  • Jesus K, To Maria Santos
  • Joule P C, Newborn Baby
  • Vincent N, I told Bill not to bring the .22. 1-4
  • "Lucian", Flight Transcript & An Essay on the Degree of Consciousness
  • "BrightsideGuy", Necrophilliac's Note
  • "Jack", 3 Entries: Notes from Jack/Elizabeth
  • Abel O, Chili Con Canine
  • Nadera M, The Stew
  • Jordan B, Filth outside my door again
  • Stephanie H, Photographer's Diary
  • T.S. Eleanore, My Sweet Little Child
  • "ClockworkCookie", The Beasts 1-4
  • S. D. Kang, Because she was Penny to me
  • Jessica N, Mary-Ann

Well done to you all! I really can't wait to put these pieces into the game.

If you are one of the winners you should already have received an email from us detailing the next steps. Unfortunately, if your name doesn't appear above, and you haven't already received an email then that means you were unsuccessful. Even so, thank you very much for taking part and don't give up on the writing! We may very well hold another one of these competitions soon :)